Recently reported in the 2015 National Community Preference and Transportation Survey states that millennials prefer walking as a mode of transportation by 12% points to any other form of commute. Aged 18-34, these individuals also were found to prefer attached houses, often located in neighborhoods walking distance to shops and restaurants. Work commute was also a factor highlighted in the survey, as millennials favor developed communities where individuals don’t need to drive long distances to get to work. They also lean towards places with access to public transportation, such as trains and subways, as well as communities with the presence of sidewalks and bike paths.

The survey also found that it’s not just the millennials that favor walkable, urban communities, but also many Americans in general. 60% of adults surveyed live in single-family homes, but 25% of these individuals would rather live in walkable places. As 79% of respondents place importance on walking distances to places, urban development has reached a high point. Consumers also reported that one of their two main concerns about a livable area is driving. With over 30,000 deaths from car accidents last year, it appears that younger individuals are becoming increasingly concerned with these dangers, leading to the preference towards a metropolitan area.

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