For many of us, a drive-in movie theater evokes memories of playing catch with family and friends on a warm summer night, then settling in to watch movies on the big screen until we fall asleep. Spending nights at the drive-in can be one of the highlights of your summer, so here is a list of drive-in movie theaters near Boston:

Mendon Twin Drive-In

35 Milford Street, Mendon, MA

Why you should go

Now that the Andelman brothers (a.k.a. The Phantom Gourmet) own the place, the food is definitely a big attraction. The Snack Bar is in a retro diner with a working jukebox, original film projector and other memorabilia. Don’t let the snack in the name fool you, you can absolutely get real food too. There’s also a new beer garden where you can watch the movies from the tables. The whole place is super fun and family-friendly. A must visit this summer!

drive in movie theaters close to boston

Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre

51 State Highway, Route 6, Wellfleet MA

Why you should go

Aside from a movie theatre, this venue also boasts mini golf, a daytime flea market, a playground, a cafeteria-style snack bar at the drive-in and Diary Bar & Grill, a full service restaurant with an outdoor patio cocktail bar. The theater has a brand new projector but still keeps it authentic with the original mono speakers. You can also listen through your car stereo.

drive in movie theaters close to boston

Rustic Tri-Vue Drive In

Route 146, North Smithfield, RI

Why you should go

North of Providence, this theater is one of the closest in proximity to Boston. The authentic 1950s theater usually has a good selection of family-friendly movies as well as more mature flicks. If you’re hungry, pick up a pizza at the snack bar. Or if you’re looking to extend your outing, take a trip to Lincoln Woods State Park for a hike and a swim.

drive in movie theaters close to boston

Leicester Triple Drive In

Route 9, 1675 Main Street, Leicester, MA 01524

Why you should go

Despite being a bit of a hike, this is probably one of the more authentic drive-ins. Check it out for three screens and an old-fashioned concession stand; boasting clam cakes, grilled burgers and the usual movie-theatre fare.

drive in movie theaters close to boston

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