Boston Named 3rd Most-Walkable City in the U.S.

With the summer approaching so quickly, Bostonians can finally come out of hibernation and enjoy Boston to the fullest. Part of that is taking advantage of the city's incredible walkability. According to Walk Score, Boston is the third most walkable city in the United States. With New York on the first place and San Fransisco on the second place. Boston received a “Walk Score” of 80.1, which is a 1.2 point increase in the city's walkability score from last year.

Off-Campus Housing in the Boston-Area Rated One of the Most Expensive In The Country

If you are a college student looking for off-campus housing for the coming semester and are planning to live within a 1 mile radius from your school, brace yourself! RadPad, a startup specializing in apartment searches, compiled a list of 50 universities that have the most expensive off-campus apartments. Boston area schools took up a full fifth of the chart. The rankings are based on the average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment within 1 mile from the campus.

How Condo Prices In Brighton Have Changed Drastically Over The Past 15 Years

The busy area of Brighton is one of Boston’s more reasonably priced neighborhoods. However, the booming real estate market in Massachusetts has conquered this area too. Housing prices have for the most part scaled upward from the previous decade. A study by NeighborhoodX (a land research site) has shown that the average selling price for condos in … Continue reading How Condo Prices In Brighton Have Changed Drastically Over The Past 15 Years